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Google is releasing a few powerful new apps for your android device and one of them is Google docs to go APK. The new version of google docs has own browser. By google docs app you can create your own documents and share these documents with one another through email, Whats-app, Messenger and Facebook more others. You can fix various bugs and enhancements. You can also redesign old version APK apps and old versions apps on your android mobile OR android tablet. Feel free to download above mentioned app and comments on this post. If you need any type of help please comment on below provided comments box.I will be there at for your concerns.
 google docs

Create, edit, and collaborate with others on documents from your Android phone or tablet with the Google Docs app. With Google Docs you can try it on your android smart phone and also Create new documents or edit any that were created on the web or on another device. Share documents and work together with others in the same document at the same time. Open, edit, and save Microsoft Word documents. Get stuff done anytime -- even without an internet connection.

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Writely was a web-based word processor created by the software company Upstartle and launched in August 2005.[9][10] It began as an experiment by programmers Sam Schillace, Steve Newman and Claudia Carpenter, trying out the then-new Ajax technology and the "content editable" function in browsers.[11]

Google Spreadsheets, first launched as a limited test on Google Labs on June 6, 2006,[12]originated from the product XL2Web by 2Web Technologies, which was acquired by Google in June 2005.[citation needed]

On March 9, 2006, Google announced that it had acquired Up startle. Whitely closed registration to its service until the move to Google servers was complete.[13] In August 2006, Whitely sent account invitations to everyone who had requested to be placed on a waiting list, and then became publicly available on August 23.[citation needed] Whitely continued to maintain its own user system until September 21, 2006, when it was integrated with Google Accounts.[14]

Meanwhile, Google developed Google Spreadsheets using the technology it had acquired from 2Web Technologies in 2005 and launched Google Labs Spreadsheets[12] on June 6, 2006, as the first public component of what would eventually become Google Sheets. It was initially made available to only a limited number of users, on a first-come, first-served basis. In September 2007, Google released a presentation program for Google Docs,[17][18] which originated from the company's acquisition of Tonic Systems on April 17, 2007.[19]In July 2009, Google dropped the beta testing status from Google Docs.[20]

In January 2010, Google Docs started allowing users to upload any file type up to 250 MB, with 1 GB of free space and paid storage available for $0.25 per GB per year.[21] This cloud storage feature was eventually reworked when Google Drive was introduced in 2012. Google Drive now serves as the cloud storage service from Google, while Docs, Sheets and Slides serve as the office suite inside Google Drive.

[64]However, later the same month, security consultant Ade Barkah wrote on his blog about security issues with the software suite. Issues included that embedded images in private documents could be viewed publicly on the Internet (even after document deletion); when users got access to a document that included a diagram (a new feature at the time), the new user could see any previous version of the diagram (including any sensitive information that was removed before sharing); and in some scenarios, users who had access rights removed from a document could still access the document without the owner's knowledge. Google released a statement that it takes "the security of our users’ information very seriously", but "based on the information we’ve received, we do not believe there are significant security issues with Google Docs". The statement finished with, "We will share more information as soon as it’s available.

key features

  • It is amazing to uses google docs.
  • Google docs provide to edit document and save file in your smart phone. 
  • This is good working app in all it type of apps in the would. 
  • google docs many advantages included this you save any files in your android mobile.

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